Unique horse milk dish of Mongolia

Unique horse milk dish of Mongolia

It is said that going to Mongolia cannot help but drink horse milk. The Mongols drink this horse milk wine instead of drinking water every day, both to keep the body warm, and good for their health because of many nutrients.

The harsh climate and vast grazing savannas make Mongolian cuisine mainly around meat dishes and animal products. The Mongols are a nomadic people with very small population. The harsh climate and immense grazing steppe make Mongolian cuisine mainly around meat and milk dishes.

Besides Boodog, the people here are also proud of horse milk wine, which is also known as Airag. Horse milk alcohol is popular with many people thanks to the abundant amount of vitamins, protein, carbohydrates.

Although the medicinal effects of horse milk alcohol have not been proven, Mongolian people still enjoy this drink thanks to the wonderful taste of fermented milk, rich in minerals good for women’s digestion, skin and hair. Especially to have a glass of milk wine, milk must go through meticulous processing. Specifically, to have enough wine for the whole family, one needs to have milk from at least 10 mare.

When the ingredients are obtained, the milk is placed in a leather bag hanging from the height. Shake it well every day about 1,000 times so that the wine is not too liquid, not too thick. Drink in the sour taste of yeast, fat of horse milk is standard.

According to Mongolian custom, on the Tet holiday of Tsagaan Sar, everyone in the family will practice the custom of cleansing both body and soul to welcome spring. Ritual wash will be performed on New Year’s Eve with horse milk washing water.

Not only an essential element in the purification ritual, horse milk alcohol is also used as a drink and to sip in the New Year reunion meal.

In Mongolia, the harvest of horse’s milk occurs from mid-June to early October. Once harvested, the raw milk is fermented for several days while being stirred evenly in the rotary kilns (the same way as they do dairy butter). The lactose in horse milk will now convert to lactic acid, ethanol and carbon dioxide and turn horse’s milk into a safe drink for even those who cannot digest the lactose in conventional milk.