Two horses died after saving a drowning child

Two horses died after saving a drowning child

Seeing the child playing at sea, Cai and his riding friend rushed over, then grabbed the tails of two horses to land.

Cai Liangxing, the coach of a horse-riding club in Jinjiang, Quanzhou, Fujian, and two friends rode horses along the beach in the Yakou scenic area. Suddenly, they heard a cry for help in the distance.

Three people discovered a boy was swept away by the waves about 300 meters away. The child’s mother was extremely panicked. “Without hesitation, we rushed into the sea in the direction of the boy”, Cai told the media.

Low tide, the boy drifting farther and farther. Fortunately, thanks to the strength and speed of the three horses, they reached the boy’s position. At this time, the water was almost submerged over the horse’s head. They quickly released the buoy borrowed from tourists. One jumped down and hugged the boy and swam ashore by grabbing a horse’s tail.

The boy was safe, the three people involved in the rescue were almost exhausted and the horses looked not very well.

About a week later, 2 mares out of 3 (one 13 and one 6 years old) had a fever and runny nose. Remote diagnostics via video. They found that the two horses could have severe lung infections from the inhalation of seawater and inflammation of the lymph nodes. The ability to cure is extremely difficult. Despite receiving some advice from doctors, Cai was unable to save the two animals.

Last year, he said, he spent about 200,000 yuan buying monkeys from abroad. They are considered to be his best horses at the club. “The six-year-old horse gave birth a month ago. It’s a pity to lose them,” he said.

His life-saved parents visited the club on Wednesday. They sent Cai and the horses a silk canvas to express their gratitude and apology. “The horses are as brave as their owners. We love them, but we did not expect to receive such sad news,” said the boy’s mother.

“Nothing is more important than human life. I will never regret plunging into the sea”, Mr. Cai said.

Knowing the story, some horse-riding associations in the country offered to donate horses to the club.