The secret to choosing the best pure horse race for horses

The secret to choosing the best pure horse race for horses

The pure horse race is one of the world famous horse breeds. This breed is well cared for the current horse races. However, among the fierce horses, there are still horses with modest health. So to limit the selection of those horses, you need to know the secret of choosing good horses.

It is difficult to choose a good thoroughbred horse race. Almost everyone who has plenty of experience can really choose a good horse. However, there is no way for people to find a proper horse race. As long as you are interested in the horse’s health system and know how to ride a horse.


Specifically, when choosing pure horses, you need to go directly to each horse frame to observe. It is best to choose the stallion, the figure is tall and big. The meat in the ankles is firm, straight and has a slim part. In particular, the front chest of the horse must be expanded, the neck is burly and not too high. Because they are healthy, they run fast and are trained separately daily.

Moreover, when choosing pure horse racing, you should also care about horse mane. The horse mane must have a moderate thickness, the hair grows evenly and it will feel smooth when touched. In addition, the horseshoe part system is also remarkable when selecting horses. You need to watch, is this horseshoe sure and chipped? If the horseshoe is round and sharp, when running the horse, it will be faster and more complete.

How to choose thoroughbred race horses through the age of the horse?

There are many opinions that the age of horses is not related to the selection of thoroughbred racehorses. However, this idea is completely wrong with the secret of choosing a racehorse. Because age will affect a lot to the racing process.


For example, if the horse’s age gets older, the horse’s health will decrease. At this time their resistance becomes weak and it is very easy to get sick when the weather changes. This problem will greatly affect the running speed of the horse during the race. So how to determine the age of purebred horses? Of course, you need to consider the horse’s teeth system.

Usually adult horse teeth will have nearly 40 teeth. Each such function will have about 20 main teeth. These include 6 baby teeth, 6 molars, 2 canines and 6 teeth near the jaw. For 9-month-old horses, there are a total of 28 main teeth. Each molar tooth has 14 teeth including 2 canines, 6 incisors and 6 teeth near the jaw.

Although the determination of this pure horse age is not 100% accurate. However, despite the difference, it is only from 1 to 2 years old. So experts often determine age by this way.

How to choose a good pure race horse by riding for testing?

How to choose the next thoroughbred racehorse you need to perform is a test riding? Riding a test will help you accurately assess the health and situation of racehorses. At the same time, based on that you can also realize the difference in the health of the horses.

So when you try riding, let the horse run in the area with many different terrains. From flat terrain to steep, narrow and difficult terrain. During the course of riding, concentrate on observing the signs that the horse shows. Because based on these expressions, you will know if your horse is really good.

Specifically, when horses run always ensure good finishing, regular breathing. At the same time at the alleyways and ramps they can control and handle quickly, then you can choose. Moreover, when riding, you also see how the horse is. If the horse does not crack and breathe, then the horse’s health is still assured.