The most interesting things about horses you didn’t know

The most interesting things about horses you didn’t know

Horses have been associated with human life for thousands of years. This mighty animal has so many interesting things that not all of us know today.

1. Create a new breed of horse Equal

The Hybrid Equid is the common name for a series of hybrids with either mules and zebras, domestic horses and zebras, horses and is. This crossbreed horse started being created in the early 20th century with the first crossbreed horse being a product of zebras and donkeys.

2. Secrets of the keen eye ability

Horses have good eyesight thanks to their very special eyes. In terms of width, with a diameter of about 5 cm, the horse is a mammal that lives on land with the largest eyes, it weighs 9 times the weight of the human eye.


The secret of the power of a horse’s eye lies in its inability to focus on a point like a human’s eye. The lower part of the horse’s retina looks at distant objects and the upper part looks closer. That means that if you want to know where the horse is looking, you should pay attention to its head direction.

3. Horses have been in the police industry since the 17th century

Police horses have been used in law enforcement in peacetime since the 17th century and the first horse-riding police unit was established in 1805 in London (United Kingdom), then Australia and the United States. These recruited horses are castrated.

Currently, the number of horses used for police is gradually weakening due to the introduction of police motorbikes and other vehicles. However, many countries still maintain a number of horse police units for display or use while leading a crowd.


4. Horses use “smiles” to check odors

You can see a strange-looking horse curling up the edge of its mouth and showing its smiling teeth. But this is a technique to open the nose to get the scent into the olfactory glands at the end of the nose.


Along with the curved lips, the horse gently shakes its head to let this smell into the deeper olfactory glands. In fact, the horse is not laughing but is determining the type of smell. This is called the Flehmen reaction, which is a common reaction in males as well as some other animals to test a partner’s urine sample to see if he is ready to mate.