Some kinds of sports for the rich only

Some kinds of sports for the rich only

Football is a king sport and is popular in most of the world, but it is not a luxury, honoring the wealth of people with money. For giants, playing golf, horse racing, yacht racing … is really a peerage.

Here are such sports through the introduction of CNBC page.


Sailing is considered a sport for aristocrats, because racing boats are actually very expensive sports yachts. Sailing firm Northrop & Johnson is one of the major suppliers of this type of sport, from the $ 26 million “Mr. Terrible” to the “Gallant Lady” costing up to 42, 5 million USD.


As a subject originating from France with the original name of croquet, the Americans called it the pompous ball, which was played for the first time in 1904 at the Olympic Games Louis (USA). To play mallet, people also have to spend thousands of dollars, something that the poor cannot wave their hands.

The natural condition for this sport is that players must have the right outfit and skates and their prices are not cheap. Newcomers must also hire coaches, pay for training, competition attire, membership fees and event videos. Parents who want their children to step into this art need to prepare thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars, to pay the fees.


Also called “king” sport like football, but only the “king” word here is the amount of money spent to learn to play. According to, the initial cost will be $ 15,000 for a Pony, plus $ 7,500 for club fees, more than $ 1,000 for helmets, genuine boots and knee protectors. That’s not to mention about $ 3,000 spent to buy a set of saddles.

Horse racing

Horse racing is one of the most ancient sports of mankind. Although it is also popular but to really play this sport, one has to spend thousands of dollars on buying horses and nurturing them, similar to horse riding and polo. According to the Crocker Racing Stable race training facility in Maryland (USA), the price of a race horse usually ranges from 5,000 to 40,000 USD.