Sharing horse racing betting experience never revealed (Part 2)

Sharing horse racing betting experience never revealed (Part 2)

Those are important things for us to improve our win rates. But the key is still how you choose your horses. 

It is difficult to give accurate judgments or advice for choosing a horse, because each horse has different characteristics. Old horses often have better stamina than endurance in every race. However, the more healthy young horses run faster. Therefore, it is not advisable to choose the appropriate horse depending on the terrain.

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For example, the flat racing terrain does not have many winding sections, you can choose the young horse power, then these horses will quickly dominate the area and win. If the terrain is winding and rugged, then you should choose the old horses because old horses have more experience will know how to distribute power better. In addition, old horses also have better endurance, so in the end there will be many advantages. It is the experience to choose horses. Although you can master this knowledge, it is not guaranteed that you will always win. Because, according to the experience of professional horse bettors, 50% of the horse’s victory depends on the driver. If the controller has a good strategy, the winning rate is still very high.

How to Bet on Horse Races - Tips and Techniques for Betting on Horses

How to play betting horse racing

Horse racing betting is not easy at all, you need to understand how the following bet will be a guide to the forms of playing horse racing betting.

Horse racing betting has two main forms: Fractional odds, decimal odds.

Decimal betting: this is a bet of 3.0, which means that if you bet $10 if you win, you will have $30. Similarly for form 6.0 if you bet $10 per month you will have $60. There are many different forms of horse racing betting.

Fraction bet: X/Y bets with Z amount, the winning amount will be Z + ZxX/Y. Quartet is if you bet 5/1 with $5 bet then you will get 5X5 + 5 = $30 if you win the bet.

We hope that with what we have shared in the article will help you better understand the horse racing betting game as well as help you gain more knowledge to be able to conquer victory when participating in this game.