Palio Horse Race Festival – A Special Culture Of Siena

Palio Horse Race Festival – A Special Culture Of Siena

Palio horse race festival – one of the impressive Festival and was waiting for the planet to be held in the city of Siena – Italy.

This Festival was started in 1644 and is held constant on 2/7 and 16/8 between the districts of the city of Siena in honor of the Virgin. Will have only 10 of the 17 counties are participating in this festival, each county has a horse and a rider.

Take place in Piazza de Campo — the central square of Siena, the Palio will take you back to the middle ages in Europe with the Templars brought color costume and each county’s own logo, the horse does not win alone on the track full of dust and dried, rolled before landing any horse will bring victory for his county. However, the race will become extremely harsh when there are always Mounties ousted from the couch of his horse. With the vibrant, exciting and thrilling, Palio Festival has attracted more than 10,000 people to attend each year.

Đua ngựa palio

Before the race officially takes place, there will be 6 times the previous few days testing to those familiar with horse racing and the crowd. Once the first race took place on the evening of select horses (usually on 29/06 or 13/08) and the last took place on the morning of the race. The testing also attracted the attention of many people.

Cán đích gay cấn

The race officially takes place on 7 or 7:30 pm— one of the most anticipated night of the inhabitants of the city of Siena. Only 3 laps around the around the square, in a very short time but la moments of tension, suspense, and finally broke in pleasure pours the victory.

Sự va chạm lớn trong cuộc đua

The reward for the winners is the mother of flag with the name of the winner. But the reward is greater than the glory which he had brought back to the village. After the race is in progress the spiritual party, singing and dancing throughout the next few days.

Hoạt động cổ vũ náo nhiệt sôi động

With its unique features, the Palio is not merely a festival that it has become the heart, a culture, a religion and is an integral part of the spiritual life of the people of Siena.