How do sports betting activities take place in Thailand?

How do sports betting activities take place in Thailand?

Sports betting in Thailand, the country with the leading developed sports in Southeast Asia “is almost not legally recognized”. However, this activity still takes place in a different way on the land of the Golden Temple.

Is betting in Thailand legal?

In Thailand, the Civil and Commercial Code provides that gambling debts are not enforceable. This means that if you bet on football with another person or banker and are not paid a bonus then the lawsuit around this issue is not considered legal.

As a rule, forms of betting are legal in Thailand only Lottery and Horse Racing in Bangkok. However, with online betting, the situation is often different. Very rarely people have trouble with this form. If involved in gambling activities in Thailand, the internet is the safest way.

Hoạt động cá cược thể thao ở Thái Lan diễn ra như thế nào?

Players in Thailand place bets online on foreign bookmakers. These bookmakers are based in other countries, where they are completely legal and fully licensed by the government.

There are several online betting sites that ensure the legitimacy of Thai players. These sites all accept money that players deposit into their Thailand bank accounts.

Deposit amount is your starting account balance. Suppose, you deposit about 5,000 VND. If you bet 1,500 Bath for a football match, your balance becomes 3,500 Bath. If you win, the amount of 1,500 is added to your account balance and the winnings are also added.

To be paid, at any time a player may withdraw some or all of his betting account balance to a Thai bank account.

Online betting option

Another great benefit for online betting is the betting options. Players can bet on football matches from around the world, including major European leagues, EUROs and World Cups, even the Thai Premier League.

Hình ảnh: Đua ngựa là môn thể thao hiếm hoi được cá cược hợp pháp ở Thái Lan

Thailand players can bet on a variety of sports online

Similarly with basketball, players can bet on an NBA match in the US, PBA from Philippines, CBA from China, or Chang Thailand Slammers of ASEAN Basketball Federation.

Volleyball, badminton, tennis, golf, darts, baseball, hockey, cricket and many other sports can also be bet online.

Thailand ratio format

In Thailand, there is no licensed sports odds format. The only exception and best known here is the partial odds used for Muay Thai in Bangkok.

In this format, odds are the amount of money the player will pay in their winnings. For example, if the odds were 0.75, this would mean that players who spend 1 unit can earn about 0.75.