Horse racing in Germany is not limited to the Elite

Horse racing in Germany is not limited to the Elite

While in some countries horse riding is a preserve of the wealthy ministry, in Germany it is considered a sport for the masses. That attitude has been a boon to the sport and economy around it.

Horse riding has undergone a renaissance in Germany in recent years. With more than a million horses and foals running back to the country, the equestrian industry creates about 300,000 jobs and annual revenue of at least 6 billion euros ($ 8.14 billion).

Forty years ago, this country had only a quarter of that number, and riders were considered a bit outdated, so what changed?

Thomas Hartwig, a spokesperson for the National Equestrian Federation, said that once horses were rediscovered for sports and entertainment purposes, Germany came up with a system designed to simplify the process of learning to ride horses for both horses and riders.

Horse Riding in Germany is Not Limited to the Elite | Culture ...

What Germany has also done well is succeeding in making people able to ride. With over 7,600 horse clubs in Germany and 3,300 other private horse farms, horse lovers up and down the country have many opportunities to ride at affordable prices.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean they come to the same success as the more traditional showroom champions. Hartwig says many people shy away from the commitment necessary to bring it to the top of the sports ladder.

The world horse racing festival, which opens in Aachen this week, is a testament to the easy relationship with German Equestrian. Although this was the largest event in the world, attracting rivals and visitors from all over the world and offering bonuses totaling 1.6 million euros, it did not allow success to eclipse it. its base beginnings.

Festival director Michael Mronz says the event has always been a festival of the people and he is committed to adhering to that tradition while looking for new ways to attract new fans.

Horse Riding in Germany is Not Limited to the Elite | Culture ...

Like horses in general, the World Horse Racing Festival is increasingly popular and, as with many sporting events, there are many German names among the winners.

Speaking of Germany, Germany is one of the most powerful equestrian countries of all disciplines, because we have many horses and because there are so many riders here.

Even in the sixties and seventies, it was common for riders to have English or Irish, but that has now changed. Today, 50 percent of horses sold at auction in Germany go abroad.