Hong Kong racecourse is very modern

Hong Kong racecourse is very modern

Hong Kong was founded in 1884, when Hong Kong was a British colony. Hong Kong Jockey Club is the most profitable horse racing betting club in the world.

On average, each racetrack race earns $138.8 million, more than any other race in the world.

Introducing horse racing in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Jockey Club is legally authorized to run exclusive businesses for horse racing, lottery and soccer betting, but the club is also the largest taxpayer in Hong Kong, at around 72.5 cents of the winnings.

During the 2015-2016 race season, the revenue of Hong Kong Jockey Club was HK $108 billion (US $13 billion).


Races on Wednesday night will be held at Happy Valley Racecourse in the heart of the city, which used to be a swamp. Horse racing can bring all sorts of emotions to the bettors, especially when their horses bet first.

Some famous Hong Kong racecourse

Shatin racecourse

Visiting this place, you will have many new and fascinating experiences about this very popular sport in Hong Kong. One of the largest racecourse in Hong Kong to mention first is the Shatin racecourse.

Not only Hong Kong people but also tourists come here to witness and admire the beautiful horses, very healthy and competitive.

With a capacity of up to 80,000 people and equipped with a large screen right in the center of the racetrack, will help viewers can track the progress of the race in the most complete way.

Tourists come here can participate in betting on modern machines and track odds via electronic boards as on the stock market. Perhaps because of these dramatic and thrilling adventure betting, the racetrack has become more and more popular to tourists every year.

Happy Valley Racecourse

The Happy Valley racecourse was built stopping in 1845, initially only to entertain British colonists in Hong Kong. In December 1846, the first official horse race was held. Over time, this place gradually became a familiar place to play for Hong Kong people.

At that time, Happy Valley was very large, however, due to the terrible fire in 1918, the whole project was destroyed. It was not until 1995 that the Hong Kong government rebuilt this famous race track, the new face of Happy Valley is world class racing.

In addition to horse racing and betting stalls, within the Happy Valley there is also the Hong Kong Racing Museum. It exhibits many different topics such as: “The origin of horse racing”, “The process of building a race”, “Learn about Silver Lining – the three-time champion of Hong Kong” … In addition, the school Happy Vally race also owns its own movie afternoon room and souvenir shop….