Best Horses for Dressage

Choosing a horse for a dressing event has proven to be a trick and rather difficult task. Not only do you require knowledge about what a dressing event is all about, but you’ll need a trained eye to find the perfect horse. It’s not just about how good the horse looks, but also how well it follows instructions while also remaining graceful elegant as it follows the rider’s instructions naturally.

A dressing event is all about featuring the trained horse and showing off just how well they follow instructions. There’s a lot more to just training as the horse also needs to remain calm and never put a foot out of place for the very best results. There’s no question about it, dressing has become a harmonious art. To choose a horse, we feature some of the most popular choices and explain why they are the best.


Of the oldest warm-blood breeds, the Holsteiner horse proves to be a worthy competitor in just about all possible ways when it comes to dressing. The horse is an amazing performer, and there’s always at least one among the top ranking of any events they’re involved with.

It’s a medium-sized horse that provides athletic features with powerful hinds and back while the head is rather small and arched, allowing it to capture attention with broad shoulders. Furthermore, the Holsteiner features intelligent eyes, a height of around 1.7 meters and is able to follow instructions in a relaxed manner while showing excitement is also on the list, but only when it needs to.

Pure Spanish Horse

The pure Spanish horse is also commonly referred to as the Andalusian horse. With its Spanish blood, this is yet another horse well worth considering for just about any dressing event, especially since they are highly intelligent and able to understand instructions a lot better than many other breeds.

Also offering a medium size, the pure Spanish horse presents a heat and attractive build, offering a medium hear with a strong neck to match. The horse also offers excellent manoeuvrability with strong hinds, a powerful back and muscular shoulders, all standing out as additional advantages for even better dressing results.


All the way from Germany we get to meet the Westphalian horse breeds that has become one of the most popular for dressing. This is a warm-blooded breed that has been perfected with unique breeding, simply adding to the intelligence and understandability of the horse. In fact, if you’re a follower of just about any horse events, the Westphalian is sure to have made an appearance as they constantly take part in Olympic events and international competitions.

With a winning temper and a height of around 1.80 meters, the Westphalian is the perfect match for a dressing event. Those horses might require a strict touch with the training program, but once you get them to follow, they remain loyal and always perform at their best with dressing shows.