Attractive horse breeding games you should not ignore

Attractive horse breeding games you should not ignore

Horse Farm

Horse Farm is a game to build horse farm quite interesting on PC. Horse Farm is suitable for horse riding enthusiasts, nurturing beautiful horses and offering their customers a vacation they will never forget.

Joining the Horse Farm, players will build stables, grazing grounds and guesthouses for visitors. Complete quests in horse races, entertain visitors with great food and a variety of horse-related entertainment. You can breed a variety of horses from Appaloosas, Quarter to Shetland Poines, Arabians, Hanoverian and many other breeds. Or cross-breed and receive a new horse that inherits special strengths from their parents.

Horse Farm allows users to customize the gaming experience. Explore the beautiful and incredibly detailed world, build a horse farm and train a horse in a variety of activities. Start with a stable and buy your first horse. Not long after you have a famous horse farm, attracting visitors, they will help you earn money to expand and grow.

Complete a variety of management tasks in Horse Farm, give horses water and graze, train, train horses, cook for tourists. Don’t forget to hire more people to help you with this. The game is designed with extremely detailed and eye-catching graphics with fun gameplay suitable for everyone, especially children and girlfriends.

Horse Riding Tales

Horse Riding Tales takes you into the world of horse lovers, where you’ll learn how to tame beautiful horses, bring them to your stables and train them for challenging dance show championships . Players will be satisfied with the serene scenery of the small town, the paradise of horses.

Horse Riding Tales is set in a space photo in a peaceful and ancient town with vast green grasslands and vast, ideal habitat for horses and other animals. You will control the character Laya riding on the back of the horses and travel with friends to create a great journey to explore the world, fulfilling the dreams of a long time. Players can customize both their horse riding characters and horses to participate in the Meadowcroft Show Jumping Competitions competition.

Horse Riding Tales requires players to tame beautiful horses, take care of them and put them in the training camp, compete in many horse racing competitions. Strive to be admitted to the prestigious Meadowcroft Equestrian Academy, which trains thousands of equestrian students, and adventure around the world, explore many mysteries, exploit a variety of resources to equip. for your horses.