Ancelotti has a hobby of racing horse like buying players

Ancelotti has a hobby of racing horse like buying players

Ancelotti is causing a stir on newspapers in Italy by strengthening super-expensive recruits. This is not related to the Napoli team he is leading when the transfer market players have closed. The newcomer under Ancelotti is a horse named Black Mirror.

To get the Black Mirror, Ancelotti spent 75,000 euros. The deal was made during a horse racing auction in Milan. And 75,000 euros that Ancelotti paid to buy the Black Mirror is the highest price in this horse market session.

Ancelotti does not need to throw out the money that many people startled like that for an 18-month-old horse. This famous Italian strategist is very keen on racing horses. Ancelotti watched the racing horse even more carefully than watching the players he intended to bring to his team. If the player has a problem, he will train every day, he can be flexible. But racing horses, you can’t directly train like that. He had to hire someone to do the job for himself. As in the Black Mirror case, the rookie will be hired by Ancelotti to coach horse coach Alessandro Botti to lead the horse farm in Chantilly, France. Therefore, Ancelotti especially emphasized the importance of choosing horses.


The Black Mirror is really the son of the throne in the racing world. Her mother, Paris To Peking won many victories between the ages of 2 and 4. Her father, Teofilo is the son of the famous code-named Galileo who raged at racing events throughout Europe before. Expensive to slice, Ancelotti determined the record amount in the past Milan horse market, 75,000 euros for Black Mirror is absolutely deserved.

Black Mirror is the 6th racing horse under Ancelotti today. A few months ago, he spent 58,000 euros to buy a 2-year-old veteran. Earlier, Ancelotti’s pet horse, Il Pittore had caused him many to bloom when he came back to many different races. Other code makers of Ancelotti may include Madame Cecile or Avanzini.

In passion for racing horses, Ancelotti is not alone. He invested with his two former aides, Giovanni Mauri and Angelo Castellazzi. It was Mauri who spread Ancelotti’s passion for racing horses after once invited Mauri to coach Horse Botti to a PSG training session in 2012.


Ancelotti, Mauri and Castellazzi invested in Ancelotti 40%, Mauri 40% and Castellazzi 20%. With an enormous salary at the teams in his career, Ancelotti has the strength to include the field. However, he still happily contributed to Mauri and Castellazzi. They opened race horses, taking the name Dei Duepi. This name comes from the first letters of Ancelotti’s father’s name and Mauri’s father. Ancelotti’s strategy and the above two comrades are very clear in this elaborate play. They do not regret buying the most potential codes. They also did not regret hiring the most prestigious teacher in training their racing horses. Botti is referred to as Sir Alex Ferguson of the horse racing village in Europe.