7 best horse racing breeds in the world

7 best horse racing breeds in the world

Horses are animals used to make feudal war horses. The common times are often used to race, work in the fields, shepherds, cows or pull cars and plow.

Currently, there are over 100 different horse breeds in the world, the following Cavalry will rank in the top 7 best race horse breeds in the world which are highly appreciated.

Appaloosa horse

Appaloosa is a spotted horse breed bred by Nez Percé in Idaho, USA from the famous Asian horse line in the Middle Ages. This breed is about 1.4m tall, weighs about 500kg and is extremely smart, fast and durable.

Thanks to the special coat like his jaguar, Appaloosa is often used in shows or movies.

Akhal – Teke

Akhal – Teke is an ancient and unique horse breed in Turkmenisan, where they are honored as national symbols. This breed is one of the most thoroughbred breeds in the world, never crossed with any horse.

Its galloping speed is extremely fast and has a very strong resistance to endurance. According to legend, Emperor Han Wuy offers a generous reward to anyone who can find him a purebred blood horse, Akhal – Teke completely meets this requirement, but this horse is hard to live at suing China should not be able to live long.

Nisean horse

Nisean horse is a horse breed originating from the Nisean plateau (Iran today). This breed is suitable for riding an ancient cavalry. Nisean possesses superior size and strength compared to ordinary horses.

The Romans were impressed by the horse’s extraordinary health and hardship when fighting the Parthian Empire.

Andalusian horse

Andalucia, also known as pure Spanish horse, comes from the Iberian Peninsula, where their ancestors lived for thousands of years. With the power of a war horse, Andalucia is highly appreciated by Spanish nobility.

This breed is compact, elegant but healthy, thick mane and long tail. The coat color is mostly gray. Andalucia is very smart, sensitive and obedient.

Quarter horse

The name of this breed comes from being used to race 1/4-mile races. Quarter is made of Thoroughbred horses and Spanish horses.

Some of these stallions can reach speeds of up to 88km/h. This breed outperforms Thoroughbred in short races but does not last as long. The quarter is 1.5 to 1.6 m tall and weighs 450kg, the chest is large, the neck is short, the horse hair is usually only one color. Currently this breed is often used to raise livestock.

British Horse

British horses have a large stature from 1.4 to 1.5m, weighs about 400kg, often reddish brown or pink horse or white – white horse. Their bodies are balanced and strong.

The most powerful British War Empire also thanks to this good fighting horse. Currently British horses are preferred horses in races.

Hackney horse

Hackney horses are famous for their speed and beauty that originated in the Netherlands. It is graceful and agile thanks to their size. Hackney breeds often have a sleek black coat, characterized by a long mane fluttering in the wind. Their limbs are relatively short and strong.